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Alpha-Omega Communications’ mission is to provide “end-to-end" wireless products and integration/support services that allow for dependable, cost-effective, high-performance communications solutions for data, voice and video applications.

Alpha-Omega handles an array of “best of breed” radios, equipment, antennas and accessories to provide turnkey wireless first and last mile connectivity. Our team can design and install custom wireless WAN & LAN solutions and Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint RF systems.

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Senior Management

Alpha-Omega Communications was founded by James Eatrides in 2001, as a distributor and integrator of licensed and unlicensed Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, and in-building RF systems.

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James A. Eatrides
Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

Prior to founding Alpha-Omega, Jim Eatrides spent the previous 17 years in the Out-of-Home Advertising/Billboard industry.  During  that time, he had founded, turned around and/or managed six successful companies – Penn Advertising, Potomac Outdoor Enterprises, Tidewater Partners, Chesapeake Outdoor Enterprises, Outdoor East and PNE  Media.  Prior to billboard advertising, Eatrides began his career with Susquehanna Broadcasting Co. in the Television / Radio / Cable TV / Cellular Telephone / Telecommunications industries. Eatrides is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts (BA in Management, 1978) and the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA, 1982)

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Devin M. Bosch
Chief Operating Officer

Devin Bosch joined the Alpha-Omega team in late 2004 with extensive design, project management and network deployment experience.  Prior to joining Alpha-Omega, Devin was President of Installguys Inc., a Wireless Design and Deployment company that handled large-scale wireless deployments for wireless carriers nationwide.  Devin gained management experience and technical knowledge through his work in key positions in the wireless industry including: Speedcom Wireless as Director of Field Operations and Wave Wireless Networking as Director of Technical Support and Engineering.  Devin has proven leadership skills and a proven track record in the successful deployment of wired and wireless networks.  

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Shannon Johnson
Account Manager

Prior to joining Alpha-Omega Communications, Shannon had worked in various sales roles primarily focusing on corporate motivation solutions for some of the biggest hospitality industry leaders including Ritz-Carlton and Bourne Leisure.  Her experience includes managing sales teams for a corporate motivation company, where she and her teams introduced various morale and motivation solutions to Fortune 1000 companies to assist them in rewarding their sales forces.  Shannon introduced herself to the technology industry and specifically the wireless networking and Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) markets as a sales representative in 2001 while working for a Sarasota based ISP. Shannon joined the Alpha-Omega team as an Account Manager in 2008.

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Tom Brandewie
Project Manager

Tom came to Alpha-Omega as a proven Wireless Project Manager. Tom's skill sets in the wireless broadband communications were strengthened as one of the initial members of Breakfree Wireless, a Wireless Internet Service Provider based in West Central Florida. At Breakfree, Tom designed and managed the deployment of over 400 wireless links. Tom also has extensive knowledge in wired networking, network integration, and video security systems.


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